30 ways to cook those excess courgettes

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I do it each year – I sow more courgette plants than I could possibly need, then I can’t bring myself to discard them. Before I know it I’m taking 6 courgettes home from the allotment each day, handing them to neighbours and dropping them in at the local church cafe. Courgettes have to be harvested regularly to keep them coming though, so you have no choice but to harvest them!

There are a lot of things you can do with courgettes (or zucchinis as they’re more often called over in the US). Here I’ve linked to 30 courgette recipes, from soup to pasta, curry to cake – now you have plenty of options to use up all those excess courgettes:


Carrot and courgette soup (250g of courgettes)
– Jamie Oliver

Courgette soup with fresh ginger & turmeric (2 courgettes)
– Abel & Cole

Courgette soup with watercress and pecorino pesto (450g of courgettes)
– Delia Online

Courgette soup with paprika and toasted almonds (4 courgettes)
– Ocado

Courgette and basil soup (6 or 7 courgettes)
– Riverford

Courgette & tomato soup (1kg of courgettes)
– BBC Good Food

Courgette, potato & cheddar soup (1kg of courgettes)
– BBC Good Food


Vegetable goulash (1 courgette)
– Netmums

Zucchini tomato goulash (2 medium courgettes)
– Blue Kitchen

Courgette curry (400g of courgettes)
– Food.com

Goulash in a dash (4 medium courgettes)
– BBC Good Food


Courgettes with parmesan (4 medium courgettes)
– Knorr

Stuffed courgettes with ham and champignon mushrooms (3 courgettes)
– Artimondo

Courgette, potato and onion tortilla (3 medium or 2 large courgettes / 350g)
– Guardian

Baked courgettes stuffed with spiced lamb & tomato sauce (4 large courgettes)
– BBC Good Food

Stuffed courgettes with lamb and parmesan (4 large courgettes)
– Daily Express

Courgette fritters (4 courgettes / approx. 750g)
– Nigella


Cheesy pasta with courgette and peas (1 courgette)

Chicken and courgette mini pasta shells (1 large courgette)
– Sainsbury’s

Pasta with courgettes (500g courgettes)
– Nigella

Creamy courgette & bacon pasta (4 courgettes)
– BBC Good Food

Courgette pasta with basil, cherry tomatoes and poached egg (4 medium size courgettes + spiralizer)
– Sutton Community Farm

Courgette lasagne (6 courgettes)
– Goodtoknow

Prawn & courgette spaghetti (5 courgettes)
– Jamie Oliver

Beautiful courgette carbonara (6 medium courgettes)
– Jamie Oliver


Dean’s carrot and courgette cake (100g courgettes)
– ITV Lorraine

Chocoloate courgette cake (200g courgettes)
– Good Housekeeping

Lemon courgette cake (200g courgettes)
– National Trust

Courgette loaf (300g courgettes)
– Diabetes UK

Courgette & orange cake with cream cheese frosting (350g courgettes)
– BBC Good Food

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