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Talk review in the local rag (Dorking Advertiser)

Review in the local rag (Dorking Advertiser Aug 2023) – click to enlarge

Talk 1: Health, Happiness and Horticulture
In this sometimes humorous, sometimes emotional talk, I discuss my journey through a lifetime of IBS and related health anxiety, culminating in a 6 month breakdown in 2016. I reveal how growing plants and getting out in nature enables me to manage my mental and physical health, providing a constant source of creative focus and hope for the future. I back-up my own experience with the results of related scientific studies. This talk would be of interest to anybody currently battling with IBS, anxiety and stress, or living or working with a sufferer. It could also be of potential benefit to anybody involved in social / community prescribing. Gardeners may also find it validates their own reasons for enjoying horticulture and the outdoors.

Fees: For this talk I charge for my travel expenses. The talk itself costs £90 of which half will be donated to Dorking Minds and half to Life at No.27– a leading horticultural therapy and mental health counselling provider.

Talk 2: The joy of giant pumpkin growing’
If you can’t eat them, isn’t growing giant pumpkins a massive waste of time? In this talk I discuss the joy giant pumpkin growing brings to grower and observer and how the techniques used can be applied to wider plant growing success. You’re a better gardener after the challenge of giant veg.

Fees: I charge for my travel expenses and the talk itself costs £90+VAT.