Listen! I’m on the Skinny Jean Gardener podcast

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I listen to a few horticultural podcasts each week whilst I’m working on website projects but one of my favourites is by Lee Connelly AKA The Skinny Jean Gardener. Lee is a celebrity gardener (because he’s been on TV as the Blue Peter Gardener and a few other things). I first met him at the Garden Media Guild awards in 2017 and again at Party for Perennial this year and volunteered myself for a slot on his podcast. Lee’s podcasts are fun and cheery, his tendency to think out loud both honest and endearing. We recorded the interview at my house a while ago in March but there were a few more important gardening personas to publish first (Carol Klein, James Alexander-Sinclair, Sue Biggs of the RHS and @montysdognigel to name but a few).

I am pleased to say you can now listen to my podcast interview here (or on Apple iTune of course).

Discussion topics include:

  • Why the name Grow Like Grandad?
  • How I got into gardening.
  • Allotment vandalism
  • Gardening and renting
  • Medieval Grow Your Own tips

If you’ve not already listened, knock yourself out:

In the podcast I mention my Great Grandad, here’s a short interview he had with Radio Mercury (Crawley Radio) in 1994 (on his 105th birthday):


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Matt Peskett is GrowLikeGrandad (if you want to know why read 'About the Editor). He has a few 'heavy clay' allotments and is Chairman of the Dorking Allotment Holders Association (DAHA). Matt also has a medium sized 'sandy soil' hillside garden (Italian terrace designed) and enjoys photography - especially nature. Matt takes inspiration from gardens like Hidcote and Great Dixter and enjoys watching anything on TV presented by Monty Don or Louis Theroux.

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