#AllotmentFashionWeek Day FOUR – Here Come The Boys

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Day 4 #AllotmentFashionWeek!

Day four of #AllotmentFashionWeek and it’s my turn to walk the virtual allotment catwalk at last! So far the boys have been outnumbered (poor Richard has been the lonely male since day two).  Joining me below is allotment blogger Adam Leone – a seasoned allotment holder from Tolworth in South West London. After yesterday’s show of glamour by Katrina and Milli it’s time to lower your expectations…

Blogger: Matt Peskett / GrowLikeGrandad
Blog: https://www.growlikegrandad.co.uk (you’re on it!)
Twitter: @growlikegrandad
Instagram: @growlikegrandad

As I mentioned on Monday, I sometimes feel I should try and emulate the immaculate shirt and tie gardening fashion of my ancestors. That might happen next year, but for now I tend to opt for any clothing item too worn out to be seen by people I know if shopping for blueberries in Waitrose (well you can’t grow them ALL year round).

My favourite pair of allotment jeans were bought at Next and are a bootcut fit – wide at the ankle. They have a Bon Jovi style hole in the left knee and have annoyingly lost a belt loop on the right hand side (I walked too closely to a door handle one day and got caught up – yes it hurt) . They’ve been pretty hard wearing and have only a slight hole in the crutch despite all the bending and lifting that goes on when digging over a raised bed. They’ve got a good 6 months left in them yet if I stay off the pies.

For upper body warmth any old faded T-shirt will do the job if the laundry pile is a bit on the high side. Typically they’ll have a slogan across the front or a picture that MrsGrow didn’t approve of in the first place when bought new. I have a large pile of these… perhaps MrsGrow should buy my T-shirts in future.

If I’m really going for my ultimate allotment fashion statement I go for one of my camouflage T-shirts (GAP), layered with a ‘camo’ full length shirt (GAP) and a hooded ‘camo’ rain coat (River Island – Jan Sale). This ‘camo layer’ affect is finished off with the ultimate accessory – a camo umbrella (TK-MAXX). I know what you’re thinking “I bet they can see you coming’ – but NO, they can’t.

Wearing camo clothing has two key benefits:

  • Increased productivity – your fellow plot holders can’t see easily you at distance (especially the old ones), consequently they are less likely to come and interrupt you to talk about the weeds taking over plot 109.

  • Dirt and mud are easily hidden – Got muddy fingers? Wipe them on your camo. Accidentally picked up a slug? Wipe the slime on your camo. NOBODY will notice. You can even wear them again to the plot the next day.


Hats and me don’t get on, I find that I overheat too quickly because when I dig, I really dig – the allotment is my weekly fitness routine. In terms of footwear – my allotment paths are wood-chipped so for much of the year I can get away with wearing ankle high canvas trainers with long socks beneath (I don’t want to get eaten by ticks). However, when needs must and the clay is super soggy, the black wellies come out (I paid £10 in a sale at Millets).

Finally I like to pay tribute to Michael Jackson by wearing just one rigger glove. Don’t ask me why but I can only ever find one glove in the shed, or car, I always start out the year with three complete pairs. Half a pair of gloves is better than no gloves, that’s what I say anyway.

Blogger: Adam Leone
Blog: http://www.carrottopsallotment.com/
Twitter: @carrottops1
Instagram: @carrottopsgardening

Most men opt for the practical side of allotment fashion and Adam isn’t any different. However, he has paid attention to the need for ‘style’ to differentiate himself from his fellow plot holders and and has some specific ways of doing so. “I always tend to wear a different hat based upon the seasons” he said. “A woolly hat on the autumn side of August and a felt fedora with a huge rim during the spring and summer months.”

Adam is often seen in an old white t-shirt, which understandably starts off ‘Persil white’ but:

“It get’s dirtier as the day goes on, a bit like Bruce Willis in Die Hard (…except not bare footed and without all the guns and explosions…)”.

Adam favours Matalan or Primark trousers because “they’re cost effective and they tend to wash really well.” He is often seen in blue jeans, dark green or light brown trousers or even shorts in the summer months  (Yes SHORTS – he’s very brave, nettle stings and red ant bites? Pah!)

When it comes to footwear Adam relies on a really old pair of RAC standard steel toecap boots. “My Dad gets a new pair which he happily passes down every so often so they’re the best price!”

Other high fashion allotment garments that Adam might be found wearing include:

  • A dark blue GAP hoodie or a grey jumper
  • Bright yellow rigger gloves for doing all of the heavy lifting and getting through the thorns

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