#AllotmentFashionWeek Day TWO – His and Hers Tips

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Day 2 #AllotmentFashionWeek!

Yesterday I kicked off #AllotmentFashionWeek by introducing you to Sarah and Lucy who shared their practical allotment fashion tips with us; bum bags, peaked hoods and old flappy shoes. Today, on the second day of #AllotmentFashionWeek we catch up with two seasoned allotment bloggers, Richard and Bo, to find out what they like to wear when digging up the spuds or pruning the dahlias. Don’t forget to check out some of the horticultural tips and musings available on their blogs afterwards.

Blogger: Richard Chivers
Blog: SharpenYourSpades.com
Twitter: @spadesharp
Instagram: sharpenyourspades

Richard’s go-to clothing item is always his pair of blue slim fit cords. “I love them” he said. “They are comfortable and durable for allotment activities. They dry quickly if they get wet too. I bought two pairs on eBay. No brand but I think they are M&S”.

When it comes to footwear Richard chooses the traditional Wellington boot (as worn and popularised by Arthur Wellesley, 1st Duke of Wellington) and he nearly always wears them. Purchased from Wilko (none of your high priced branded wellies for Richard) they have held up well for a few years. Richard also wears hiking boots, especially in summer months and they were purchased from GO Outdoors.

Other high fashion allotment garments include:

  • “Grey t shirt. I love a simple cotton plain Tee. No idea where this is from.”
  • “Jumper. Again unbranded but it’s my Woolly for the autumn and winter months. Very comfortable.”
  • “The flat cap was a gift from my wife. Love it. It’s from M&S. It’s comfy and I like to think a bit trendy”

“Now the watch – it’s is a bit of my geeky side. I love G Shock. They look great but it’s very practical for allotment work. They are pretty much indestructible.” …  “The Bluetooth headphones are new. I love listening to music when I garden but my little digital radio was too quiet as I moved around the plot. I bought these headphones and they work so well.”

Richard just has to take care not to get too caught up in the music whilst wearing the Bluedio T2S headphones (available from Amazon), too much dancing might see him sent a cease and desist order and threatened with eviction by the local council.

Blogger: The Bohemian Raspberry
Blog: thebohemianraspberry.com
Twitter: @BohoRaspberry
Instagram: @bohoraspberry

Bo (The Bohemian Raspberry also known as Bo, Chelle or Michelle) has never been big into fashion or trends, her baggy jumper is thrifted from a charity shop.

“My taste is very eclectic, not sure if that’s because I’m a little defiant or not. What I wear to the allotment is purely down to comfort for getting the tasks done. So it’s usually jeans (Zara) and a tee (H&M).”

Bo loves basic white tees but says that she goes through quickly because she’s always wiping her “grubby mits” on them. Apparently however, there is always room for a little glamour at the allotment and Bo has a HUGE collection of funky earrings and wouldn’t be seen without wearing a pair… even when weeding (shock horror).

“There’s my trusty headscarves too, keeping an element of Rosie the Riveter alive in the world of GYO and lastly there’s never an allotment visit where I’m not wearing my trusty Ruby Dr.Martens – they’re my trademark!”

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  1. Despite being someone who gardens to forget the day job in the fashion world, I am enjoying this Fashion Week feature!! I think your grandad steals the show, though. Mine also gardened in a tie. Always. And wool trousers. And a vest. He’d simply add a hat if it got too hot.

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